Superstaq for QSCOUT

For this tutorial, we will go over how to get started with using Superstaq to compile, optimize, and simulate circuits for the QSCOUT backend. We will go over the process of setting up a Superstaq provider, compiling circuits for QSCOUT, and getting back the corresponding optimized circuits.

This tutorial will also show you how to utilize the various features offered by Superstaq such as generating compiled circuit Jaqal programs, the ability to compile for a different entangling basis gates, as well as utilize swap mirroring techniques for a customized compilation. By the end, we will provide a step-by-step guide to simulate a given circuit for the QSCOUT backend and get back the results from the simulation!

Below, you will find links to identical tutorials that demonstrate Superstaq for QSCOUT using either Qiskit or Cirq.


More details about QSCOUT can be found in this paper: S. M. Clark et al., Engineering the Quantum Scientific Computing Open User Testbed, IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering Vol. 2, 3102832 (2021).

To learn more about Jaqal, see: B. Morrison, et al., Just Another Quantum Assembly Language (Jaqal), 2020 IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE), 402-408 (2020).